Work At eSchoolfinder

eSchoolfinder LLC is a fully registered company in Ghana, West Africa. It is a fast rising edtech company establishing it’s presence in Africa.

When you work with us, you get the opportunity to work in a company that heavily utilizes technology tools in its operations. This means you will be equipped with the latest technology tools used in the modern workspace.

Whether you are a young person in your career and want to work or a highly skilled person looking to outsource your services in a growing edtech in Africa you should consider working at eSchoolfinder.

Who Are We Looking For?

  • You must posses a certain number of years of qualification in your preferred field and can show results for it
  • Must believe in the vision of eSchoolfinder and can see the vision or where we can be in the next 10 years or more
  • Must believe in the vision of eSchoolfinder and ready to speak about it
  • Must have a thing for education, education policy and edtech
  • Must be enthusiastic, hardworking and willing to be learn

Others Qualities About You

  • You are no stranger to tech tools used running a modern virtual workspace like communication and project management tools
  • You have experience helping the company set OKRs, KPIs, and other performance metrics
  • You are focused. You’re excellent at seeing a task through to completion before moving onto something else
  • Your natural instinct is to create processes around everything you do partly because you know the faster you document a task, the sooner you can automate, delegate, or eliminate it
  • You are insanely organized and addicted to getting things done
  • You are very familiar about trends in the education and edtech industry
  • You can learn new software faster than I can say “new software” and you’re a systems extraordinaire. You can look at our current systems and identify how to automate tasks we’ve been doing manually for months
  • You’re driven by metrics. You know that you can’t improve something unless you measure it, so you develop ways to measure performance company wide so we’re always improving
  • You have a thing for working from anywhere (virtual work) and still can be efficient
  • You over communicate clearly and confidently. If you agree or disagree with something, you communicate that without hesitation or overthinking
  • You’re obsessed with getting things done. If a task is unfinished or unaccounted for, you ensure it is complete or scheduled to be completed.

Any Roles Available?

We currently are not looking to hire any team member now, however you can subscribe to our newsletters and you will receive updates for new job openings.

AT this time, we are looking for top tutors in their field of expertise and can teach others and earn extra income or experts looking to share their knowledge to a groups like parents, students, private schools and universities. Kindly send us an email and we can take it from there.