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The dynamic lady changing the face of access to education

June 18, 2021

We cannot have enough of Mrs Aramide Kayode over her accomplishments and her passion to bring world standard education to her students irrespective of their socio-economic backgroud.

Aramide is a 21 year old social entrepreneur who loves seeing marginalized kids in school, so she started Talent Mine Academy so that kids in low-income communities would access quality education and better opportunities.

Talent Mine Academy is a free preparatory school where out of school children are equipped with basic literacy, numeracy and digital skills. Their parents are also empowered economically via vocational skills so that they can enroll their kids in a mainstream school and sustain their families.

The school is currently located in Ota, Ogun state and since April 2019. They have taken in 22 kids who have been successfully equipped with numeracy and digital skills. This year, they are looking to kickstart our vocational skills training for the parents of these children and provide entrepreneurial support for them thereafter. You can support by volunteering with us at bit.ly/tmavolunteer or you can also donate to support our work.

While growing up, Aramide always wished she had a female mentor to tell her she was not crazy for being overly ambitious and driven, so she started a mentorship program for teenagers (that are currently in the situation she was in) to help them through their process of becoming and tell them that they are not crazy for having big and audacious dreams.

She is also a proud author of two books: 20 lessons I learnt at age 20 and Diary of a 19-year-old teacher (my memoir).

At just the age of 18, she had already graduated with First class honors in Economics from Covenant University and earned her Masters of Education degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education at age 21.

Her work in the education space has been featured on numerous national and international platforms, including Malala Fund, Global Partnership for Education, Global Citizen, The Guardian, amongst others.

From 2018 till date, she’s been tirelessly learning and working hard to ensure that kids in low-income communities access quality education and better opportunities.

Reach out to this dynamic lady, Aramide for any partnerships. She is open to partnerships and collaborations that align with my vision.

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