What kind of educational person are you now?

I have a school but no social media

I have a social media but no management

I do not have a school website

I have a school website but I do not know how to manage it

I need a digital strategy or training for my school

I am a course creator I dont know how to reach my digital audience

I need an SMS strategy for my school

I just need someone to do this digital stuff for me

eSchoolfinder is launching our maiden build your website campaign for your school or tuition service.

On this plan, you will have the opportunity to build your standard website for your school.

At just 1000 cedis or $170, get your standard school website up, instead of our regular rate of 2000 cedis ($400).

This is a huge lifesaver if you have been trying to get your website up, wondering how or who to do it for you.

What is included in your promotional plan?

In addition to your heavily discounted website done for you which includes free hosting, domain, free stock media; you also have access to:

Number 1: A free video talking about drawing a simple digital strategy for your school

Number 2: A free one month tech support

Number 3: Access to a lifetime video training of how to use your digital system

Number 4: Access to one month on demand training for your website

In addition to all the freebies you get and the heavily discounted price for your website, you also have the choice to choose any of these as part of your package.

Number 5: you list your school on our platform for free on eschoolfinder

Number 6: You can list your tutors on eschoolfinder or hire tutors from our over 500 tutors

Number 7: List your events for free on eschoolfinder

Who is this package for?

1. Preschools- crèche, kg, grade 1,2,3

2. Basic School

3. High School

4. Course creator

5. Social impact organization

6. Bookstore or library

7. College or university

8. Discount for non profit

9. Landing page for Edtech related etc

Some benefits of this amazing offer!

The Benefits of the Package

*Having a website makes you credible. 

*High brand awareness as online first impressions are assured

*saves quality time as the online infrastructure contains more information about the institution 

*Promotion of your courses, curriculum and other essential activities to your target audience

*You’ll be discovered by Google, the world’s top search engine.

What you may miss if you don't get your offer

A school without digital infrastructure 

*Loses online first impressions leading to Low brand awareness

*wastes time as they have to reply individuals seeking extra information about their school

*quite experiences decline in student enrollment 

*cannot promote their in-school and online courses

(In summary, the school cannot grow and develop)

A school with a poor or malfunctioning digital infrastructure are even worse off

You need to have an online strategy in addition to what you have going on right now

About eSchoolfinder

We partner with schools and tutors to make learning and education accessible to parents and students.

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