Raising World-class Citizens Through Tuition At Eschoolfinder

September 6, 2021

The last time we spoke about the importance of private tutoring and the way it helps build your child’s confidence and general performance in school and life. You can start reading the article here.

This rather short article goes to explain the ways we are doing tuition at eSchoolfinder and how we can improve it in the future with your help and feedback.

At eschoolfinder we recommend that you look at giving tuition to your child in 2 different ways; giving tuition in very recommended subjects and tutoring in areas that he or she is doing well in and would want to develop in.

Referring to the first instant i.e. helping the child in core or recommended subjects. For instance in Ghana, there are some courses that are referred to as core subjects. Children are graded at every level through high school to college and would be better placed in life especially in further studies if they do well in these courses.

These courses now are English, Mathematics, Science, etc and I will add a last one ICT course. It does not matter how good your child is, if he or she does not do well in these core and recommended subjects, it becomes really difficult to have many opportunities in life including life-saving scholarships.

What you can do as a parent is to give them the opportunity to be tutored and master those courses. Even though these subjects may not have any correlation with what the child will do in the future, it creates the path in our educational system for him or her to get closer to those goals. I think every parent must take this very seriously and help their children.

The next area you should critically consider is what your child is good at. Is your child good with computers, painting, craft, hair, public speaking, acting, etc? In the beginning, these characteristics may sound like extracurricular activities. However, if you take a good look at it, these are traces of your child’s greatest strengths and maybe future.

As a parent, you need to move quickly and help your child develop these skills and areas to help them. Developing your child’s strengths is one of the ways to boost their fragile ego or confidence. In their young minds, they will be convinced that they can be celebrated at something even when they don’t do well in class. 

On a lighter note, have you ever watched the movie,” Like stars ✨ on earth?” Well, I think every parent must watch that movie. We may probably be convinced that every child is a genius.

At eschoolfinder, we are always looking at education from a different perspective. We are always asking ourselves, how can we make education more inclusive to create well-rounded individuals. 

We reasoned that if we advocate for all-around educational subjects which includes extracurricular activities like computer studies, we would have a long shot at creating the type of children and skills we want in Africa.

We thought to ourselves to contribute to providing world-class education provided by Africans for Africans. That is why we are relentless in partnering with only the best minds. One would have thought, are our services tailored to only young people? Our answer is a big No! Do you know that even we the staff at eschoolfinder use the platform to get tutors and learn new things?

You can get tuition for all areas as far as we have a tutor available to teach that course. From child-friendly courses to professional courses, we are building that database for you to make your life easier.

In 3 ways you can book a tutor

  • Just go ahead and find our approved tutors on the platform here and book the person
  • If you don’t find what you are looking for, you should fill the REQUEST FORM to request any tutor you want. Remember we have over 500 tutors on our database and some are also going through our verification process.
  • Or if you are not sure what course or tutor you need for yourself or your ward, you should book a learning specialist to help you make that decision. The specialists we partner with do not only help choose courses but also focus on helping your child with any learning difficulties. We have other specialists who help children with special abilities (not disabilities) like autism etc

As you can see we are more determined to create an environment where you are confident to learn and better. Remember this is a service we use ourselves and trust in.

We thought you may be interested in these statistics. Please see them below;

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