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Our Story- We Tried Solving Our Own Problem.

August 11, 2020


I am Charity Akpabey Ofosuhene, a Project Manager at a consulting company located in the USA, with an office in Ghana. My burden for this initiative grew during an avid search for a school, for my son. My husband and I had no other option, than to scout around for schools that fit our schedule, since we were both heavily involved in work at the bank and a business advisory company respectively. It was a long search with a lot of mistakes – as we could not adequately and satisfactorily run those errands, mainly due to time constraints. After several winding efforts, we eventually found one that fit our schedule and expectations, with the right academic portfolio, structure and space.


We knew that just like us, parents and schools were facing these challenges:

In the first place, after paying full admission fees to two different schools, we felt we had wasted money. Honestly, we still did not find what we were looking for. Even after finding the ‘perfect fit’, we wondered if there was a better school. Also, like our partner schools, we are certain that there are different parents (stay at homes, business owners, busy corporate executives et cetera) with different needs, looking for good schools. However, these categories of people may not be able to locate the most appropriate ones best suited to their needs. Any ardent follower of industry trends would have noted unequivocally in the media landscape, especially in the year of return that, the biggest concern of many people of African descent in the diaspora, who have considered settling in Africa, is a good school that will cater for their child’s needs. More often than not, people wonder if there was any such resource.

According to AfDB, the middle class is about 30%, juxtaposed with a growing urban rate of about 50%. There is a rising demand for such necessities of life as quality and resourceful educational facilities among these growing numbers, particularly in urban dwelling places.


After some time of asking around for a similar resource and not finding one, we knew we are the best parents to solve this issue. eSchoolfinder is a digital resource center on schools and tutors, with an important feature of a directory to help parents, guardians and students find the best resources. Schools are enlisted on our platform on a rolling basis. And although we may not have all schools on our portal at the moment, the numbers keep growing. You can contact us to help you find a school or tutor: please click here.

With seventeen years of concerted work experience in web and app development, education policy, parenting, digital marketing, programs and operations management, we have skillfully created this platform, aimed at highlighting the best schools in Africa, to satisfy various needs and expectations.



Looking for the best tutor or school for your ward?

This is the best time ever to look for a tutor, class, program or school that best suits your schedule; more so, one that would be the perfect fit for your ward. With just one click, you can schedule meetings both in person or online with a school or qualified tutor, to make further inquiries. If you still have not found what you are looking for, please contact us to help you.


We are on the lookout for qualified tutors who have an interest in delivering the best results for parents. We carefully take our time to choose tutors who are result and goal oriented. You become a registered tutor by signing up to our online directory.


On our platform, we are not looking at just any school. We have a penchant for enlisting schools that believe education is beyond the classroom and therefore direct their activities to help develop well rounded individuals. We are attracted to quality, ingenuity and innovation; thus, schools that always have a different perspective to running their institutions.

You become a partner by signing up to our online directory, and our job is to continually represent your values and strategies to the audience looking for you. 


We are open to organizations and companies who will partner with us to help advance the cause of building a community of change makers in Africa. You should represent our values of doing things differently and building the next generation of African future leaders. Please contact us here.

Collins and Charity.

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