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Meet Chika Ofili, the 12-year-old “little Einstein”

June 11, 2021

Math is everywhere and it is evident in our daily life activities from picking public transport, through to attending business and casual meetings, down to brushing our teeth. Mathematics play a major role in a child’s development, enabling them to appreciate and make sense of the world around us. 

According to the research conducted by International research and the education ministry of New Zealand highlights the need for a balance between spontaneous child – initiated play or planned mathematical learning. This approach adopted by the head of the mathematical department at Westminster School, Miss Mary Ellis, helped one of her students to emerge as the Winner of TrueLittle Hero Awards. The award-winning student was Chika Ofili. 

Chika Ofili, a young Nigerian was awarded Winner of the TrueLittle Hero for discovering a new mathematical formula that made the study of mathematics easier. TrueLittle Hero Awards is an annual ceremony that recognizes, celebrates, and rewards outstanding achievements of children and young people under the age of 17 years all over the United Kingdom.

Chika, A UK Based Nigerian made Africa and Nigeria proud when he was recognized for his achievement and contribution to education. His mathematical formula discovery has made the study of mathematics easier.

Chika, who was a student of Westminster Under School discovered a new approach to division in mathematics. Miss Mary Ellis, his mathematics teacher and the head of the mathematical department at Westminster Under School said Chika discovered the new formula after a holiday assignment. 

Miss Mary Ellis gave Chika a book titled ‘First Steps for Problem Solvers’ to study during the holidays. The book contained several divisibility tests, which are used to work out whether a number is divisible by either 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 before you start dividing. In the book, there was no memorable test for dividing by 7 so Chika solved this problem by devising a new formula. 

His formula was backed up with algebraic proof. This is how his formula works:
🔹Take the last digit of any whole number
🔹Multiply it by 5
🔹Add it to the remaining part of the number to get a new number.
🔹If this new number is divisible by 7, then the original number is divisible by 7″.

Eschoolfinder commends you for the remarkable feat.


A balance of deliberate teaching and spontaneous learning across the breadth of mathematics. “https://www.ero.govt.nz/publications/early-mathematics-a-guide-for-improving-teaching-and-learning/a-guide-to-childrens-early-mathematics-learning/”.

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