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eSchoolfinder LLC is a fully registered company in Ghana, West Africa. It is a fast rising edtech company establishing it’s presence in Africa.

When you intern with us, you get the opportunity to work in a company that heavily utilizes technology tools in its operations. This means you will be equipped with the latest technology tools used in the modern workspace.

Whether you are in school and want to work and learn in the new workspace or you just want to gain more experience, you should consider working at eSchoolfinder.


  • Get free mentorship from industry experts
  • Gain more work experience
  • Opportunity to get a free reference especially for outstanding candidates.
  • Opportunity to be a full time worker in the company
  • Learn new and emerging technology tools and how to use them
  • Get data allowance
  • Opportunity to work from anywhere; go virtual
  • We accept candidates from other countries
  • Free mentorship sessions organized
  • Opportunity to upgrade skills with access to online courses

About Mentorship Sessions

eSchoolfinder is dedicated to raising industry relevant workers to be able to work anywhere in the world. The founders have worked with different clients in different countries and will be glad to help candidates with tips to work from anywhere.

These sessions will not be limited to only founders in the company but invitation will be extended to experts outside the company in our network to come teach candidates periodically.

Who are We Looking for?

  • Any professional relevant to our business: graphic designer, videographer, video editor, content marketer, social media marketer, photographer, photo editor, writers, content editors, website managers, IT etc.
  • Must be in school or any recent graduate; we do have space for those who are switching from one field to the other.
  • Must be enthusiastic, hardworking and willing to be coached
  • Must believe in the vision of eSchoolfinder and ready to speak about it
  • Must have a certain skill in their field to enroll
  • Ready to take the world!!!

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