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August 11, 2020

eSchoolfinder launches the newest educational solution to cushion the middle and upper middle class, parents, academic institutions, tutors, businesses & related service providers.

Why would you put yourself through the painful process of running tiresome errands to find the best school for your child or an appropriate qualified tutor, only to be left disappointed and possibly stuck with options that do not fit your schedules, lifestyle and expectations? eSchoolfinder, the newest edutech solution provides the best platform to cut out all the stress. On eSchoolfinder, quality educational experiences are readily available and accessible to parents, academic institutions, tutors and you. Don’t be left out – you deserve the best. 

According to George Santayana, “a child educated only in school is an uneducated child.” eSchoolfinder is therefore very much interested in the development of well-rounded individuals, not just ‘school children’. The Economist explains the lifelong harm and margin of inequality the current closure of schools would cause, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic; and indicates that whereas some children in Europe whiz around on scooters and get busy with video games, others in Africa look after younger siblings. Children are not in school, and over 1.1 billion of them are barred from the classroom, according to UNESCO. Well! Unfortunately, not only children are barred from the classroom – parents and droves of people across the world are barred from their offices and regular routines as well. So what happens? eSchoolfinder has the solution.

Particularly in Ghana, there has been a need to bridge the gap of reach between the busy middle and upper middle class, top tier schools and expert tutors. It becomes somewhat difficult for these categories of people to have the luxury and space to actually search for what best suits their lifestyle. eSchooolfinder is better placed as a central platform of quality educational learning experiences, to handle all of these challenges.

For stay-at-home parents looking for opportunities to acquire new skills, parents with busy schedules who want the best school or tutors for their child, and busy parents or individuals working from home who have to handle their children and work concurrently, eSchoolfinder comes in handy to complement your lifestyle. On our platform, you will find, of the highest and finest quality;

•Top tier academic institutions for your child
•Private or group home teaching
•Unconventional professional learning experience in areas such as culinary arts, painting etc.
•Qualified top tutors with specialty services in areas such as coding, robotics & gaming etc.
•Collaboration with top tier schools such as Lincoln Community School, Galaxy International School etc.
•Top African experts.

So parents, visit the website now, grab the opportunity to learn new skills and help your children develop through quality expert tuition. With a single click of a button, you can find the best schools and also arrange appointments with these schools and tutors of high quality – omit the many days and hours of running errands to get such quality. Private tutors, sign up and get listed to earn money while imparting relevant knowledge during this COVID-19 period and beyond.  Heads and overseers of schools, sign up now and list your institution for free. Our platform allows parents to easily find you, and bring their wards, even if they don’t visit you physically. Be among the first to enjoy this experience. Visit now to sign up. 

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