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July 29, 2020

It is amazing how it is already a year ago we went to celebrate Nelson Mandela in an antique store launch. It is obvious that my family and I are already fascinated by this man so much we are getting ready to visit another place just to celebrate this day.

Nelson Mandela is considered as one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen. 

Throughout his life, Nelson Mandela believed that everybody should be treated equally.

When Mandela was young, white and black people in South Africa were not allowed to do things together and had to live different lives under a system called The Apartheid system.

The white people then constituted a minority who were in charge of major economic and social affairs in South Africa while the majority who were the black South Africans were left with almost no power to make substantial decisions for their country. They were treated with contempt and they didn’t have the opportunities the whites gave themselves, like good schools, hospitals, decent housing etc.

Nelson Mandela fought for equality amongst everyone in South Africa.

Mandela joined a political party called the African National Congress (ANC) and later co-founded the ANC Youth League, leading protests against apartheid.

Sometime, activities in the fight against apartheid became violent and he was sentenced to life imprisonment and time on Robben island. He was later vindicated.

Nelson Mandela was considered a hero largely because:

He was among the few blacks at the time to have an education in law.

He possessed the self-discipline and organizing skills that ensured his appointment to lead efforts at popular mobilization such as the 1952 Defiance Campaign, which directly and visibly challenged apartheid laws.

What really set Mandela on the path to heroism amongst his colleagues during the time of struggle in South Africa was his determination to take bold and radical measures. His decision to embark on the armed struggle to overthrow the government although deemed violent, was a fight for humanity.

In 1996 the UN General assembly decreed apartheid a ‘crime against humanity’ this was in line with the ideals of Mandela.

Mandela was a visionary Man. 

Mandela’s visions made the indigenes love their home country which made him an instant hero amongst his generations. His visions encouraged him to fight for a better Africa.

He saw a nation with apartheid being eliminated with men subsequently being equal and free.

Through this vision, he persevered and that led him to do what he did to make man free from the suffering of the apartheid system.

Even through his darkest days in imprisonment he still held on to this vision.

Through this vision, Mandela was able to motivate and influence people towards achieving certain goals.

With similar traits as the African idol Kwame Nkrumah, Nelson Mandela became the first black president of South Africa after was elected upon his release from prison. As the first black president he succeeded in encouraging many blacks to educate themselves because to him education was the key to success. He encouraged his people to develop their own understanding of what is important for the country.

As the first black president of South Africa, Mandela showed strong ethical values when leading his people by always reminding them to keep a cool head and not resort to violence.

He had highly effective communication skills

Communication was vital to his leadership success, allowing him to coordinate with his followers effectively by explaining to them the plan to fight for a better nation. This could be seen in his quotes which have been adopted by activists all over the world in pushing for equality.

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